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All-in-one forestry procurement, accounting, and logistics solution.

Forestry software that makes running your timber operation easy, fast, and secure. Spend your valuable time working smarter, not harder. Contact a salesperson →

There is a Better Way.

As they say, “A rising tide raises all ships.” We’ve designed our enterprise solution for every level of involvement, so landowners, producers, and mills alike can benefit.



Foresters are typically busy with administrative and management tasks and sometimes have trouble communicating with landowners. We help by giving landowners access to real time load info which creates transparency and builds trust.


Security and transparency are always top of mind for a forestry consultant, so we give them all the tools they need to build trust with landowners. From real time load data to simple apps, we’re helping forestry consultants innovate their businesses.


Loggers are operational gurus that have to focus on sorting and loading every hour of the day to stay productive. Our apps help them stay focused on the task at hand, capture important data, and let you know what’s going on in the woods.


Suppliers juggle a lot of different jobs, crews, quota, and data to the point that things/jobs can slip through the cracks. Depending on your pain points, our software can be a little helpful or a lot helpful at being more efficient, effective, and creative.


Truckers are often the first and last line of defense in keeping up with scale tickets. Our apps make sure that every load is tracked and every ticket is accounted for, so administrators and foresters don’t waste time entering and hunting lost tickets.


Mills sometimes have trouble communicating the value of their supply chain to big customers who care about sustainability. Our system makes it easier to pitch transparency and security to executives who care about wood sourcing.

Find Out How TRACT Can Help Your Operation


Jim Griffith


Taylor Griffith


Every operation is different, but we’ll work with you to figure out how much your business stands to gain by using TRACT.

For some companies those improvements can be small, but other times small gains can translate into huge returns on investment.

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