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Financing For Your Forest Asset

Farm Credit Associations of Georgia offers financing on a variety of asset classes (long term and short term rates) and operating lines of credit. We invest in long term relationships and provide support to all aspects of the forestry community including landowners, loggers, sawmills, and housing.

Buying Timberland: Cash or Finance?

Timberland is one of the few assets that holds value, appreciates over time, and provides a tangible asset on which you can enjoy its benefits. Have you ever tried hunting, fishing or hiking on a stock certificate? The question isn’t, “Should I buy land?” The real question is, “How do I buy land?”

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AgGeorgia Farm Credit


Jon Harris

AgSouth Farm Credit


Brian Wilson

Southwest Georgia Farm Credit


We understand the diverse needs of all businesses and individuals involved in forestry and can create customized financing programs specifically designed to meet each client’s needs. When you finance through Farm Credit Associations of Georgia, you get a dedicated team with expertise in the forestry sector and the added bonus of sharing in our profits through our cooperative’s patronage program.


Georgia’s Farm Credit Associations of Georgia offer easy, common-sense, and personal financing solutions for forest landowners and investors. We provide all types of loans for agriculture – real estate, equipment, livestock, timber, operating needs, crop production, home construction, mortgages, refinances… and a whole lot more.

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